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The largest ATU Local on the west coast with 4100 active and 500 retired members.

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We Need You To Volunteer Now!

Do you want to save your job? Want to keep working conditions from getting even worse than they are now?

You hold the keys to your own future!

Proposition 1 must pass! Without the $80 million raised by Proposition 1, up to 500 jobs will be lost. The working conditions of those members who don't get laid-off will further deteriorate.

We need members to help us with our public outreach, including leafleting, calling other members, displaying banners and signs.

Make the call today!

Contact the Save Transit Committee: Sara Franklin: ID# 3018 Bellevue Base, Cell 206.856.8098, cope@atu587.com, prefers email; Andrew Jeromsky: ID# 21282 North Base, Cell 206.295.3561, jeromskyatu587@gmail.com; Tamieko Cook: ID# 9478 South Base, Cell 206.931.2244, sagsista@hotmail.com, prefers text/email; Lisa Nault: ID# 3647 East Base, Cell 206.715.9151, lanault@hotmail.com, prefers text/call; Jeremy Une: ID# 20527 Atlantic Base, Cell 206.755.4042, jbmac@email.com, prefers text/email or leave a message at the Union office at 206.448.8588 Ext. 110 or cope@atu587.com.

Save Transit Committee Schedule of Events 2014








Save Transit Committee             


Apr 9, 2014
Leave Donation Request
Apr 4, 2014
Distribution of Materials - Save Transit Committee
Apr 2, 2014
Rail Vehicle Maintenance Visits
Mar 17, 2014
Bylaw Proposal Article XVI, Section 1
April 3, 2014 - 8:00pm
April 4, 2014 - 10:30am
April 5, 2014 - 1:00pm
Written by Paul J. Bachtel

Transit everywhere is experiencing continuing budget challenges. Agencies across the state are scrambling to preserve services by spending down reserves, seeking short term tax bailouts and attacking the wages and benefits of their own employees. How much of the current budget woes should be borne by taxpayers and how much by transit workers seems to be the debate of the day.

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Written by Lawrence J. Hanley

President Hanley to Senate: Time for a transportation bill for all

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